nonfiction about things that didn't happen

Friday, February 05, 2010



One definite quick way to tidy is to line things up. Two books on the floor like this ! \ or this _ | look messy, but... two books like this \\ or this || are then books that look as though they are in a place for books. The book place. Same with shoes - put them like this || || || || || || || rather than all st|rewn| everyw|he|re/ around /the_ place. You'll actually have the same amount of space in your room as previous, but you'll be using that space in a different, more managable way.


Monday, February 01, 2010

E-Messag to th E-Moon


Oh, Moon,

anemic watermeloon,
the Loonar balloon,
watery mouldy crust,
air-bitten dust, oh U

^that moon


Friday, January 29, 2010

American Life 2


"God, it sure sucks being a teen-ager round here", said Mary carelessly, letting a dribble of Pepsi run down from her brash red lips and off her chin.

"You can say that again."

The air was hot and stiff, the ground was hotter still, and Mary and Cody had six weeks left of summer vacation. They were both working for Mr. Gordon five days a week. On the week-end they would play on their rope-swing by the river, chucking sticks and rolling in the damp dirt.

"Say, what does it take to get you guys to do some work?" Mr. Gordon had come round from the back of the farmhouse and caught them slacking off. Mary turned still sucking moisture from her cool, blue Pepsi can.

"You know what Mr. Gordon, you can screw your job!" she yelled, and her and Cody jumped from their branch and sprinted through the tall grass, hurdled the picket-fence and ran for the river as if their freedom depended on it.